2nd Annual Strokes for Stroke & Brain Injury Fundraiser June 3rd at the Schaumburg Golf Club.  

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please see the sponsorship opportunities to the left of this page.  For more information about becoming a sponsor, please call 877-932-1120.

Welcome to Synapse House!

We are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reconnect individuals with acquired brain injuries back into the community, the workplace, and family life.  Membership is open to any individual with acquired brain injury, at any point after acute therapy has ended. Synapse House designs its programs around the residual challenges facing brain injury survivors including cognitive deficits, social isolation, and caregiver burden. Members contribute to the day to day operations in order to rebuild their professional and interpersonal skills.

We at Synapse House believe that all people deserve to lead meaningful lives; we are committed to supporting brain injury survivors in this universal endeavor. We believe that families and caregivers deserve equal support for their crucial role in the recovery process.  




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